JTN Services, Inc Emergency Lighting Products was founded in 1991 to fulfill a critical need for reliable emergency vehicle up-fitting. JTN Services, Inc. is dedicated to high quality automotive for police, fire, public safety, utility and government vehicle installations with functionality, creativity, quality and price in mind. We specialize in installations of electronics including emergency warning lights and sirens, two-way radios, K9 systems, camera systems and anything else you could want!


Whether you need a light bar or a complete fleet, JTN Services, Inc. Emergency Lighting Products is your one-stop source for all your emergency vehicle needs. From design to component and systems selection, our staff works with you to ensure your vehicles are built to your agency’s unique specifications.

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians and installers is dedicated to quality and efficiency, which means rapid turnaround and delivery of emergency vehicles and systems that work flawlessly the first time and every time.

Complete Vehicle Outfitting Includes:

• Patrol Vehicles
• Fire & Ambulance Vehicles
• Utility Vehicles
• Security & Transport Vehicles
• K-9 Vehicles & Systems
• Specialty Vehicles
• In-Car Camera Systems
• Storage Boxes & Sliders

In addition to installation services we also offer:

• Turnkey Emergency Vehicles
• Vehicle Repairs, Retrofitting & Upgrading
• Product Upgrades & Sales
• Auto Transport Available